Financial Capability Resources 

We have produced a handy booklet with lots of budgeting and money management tips to help you take control of your money. You can download it here:

Financial Capability Resources Pack

In this pack, you will find sections on:

  • Maximising your income
  • Accessing free banking
  • Managing your expenditure
  • Saving money
  • How to be credit wise
  • Comparing credit methods to highlight the potential dangers of various ways of borrowing.
  • Credit scoring and how to check your credit report
  • Alternatives to borrowing, including the Scottish Welfare Fund, charity grants and charities for sourcing free or lower price items
  • Affordable credit: budgeting loans and credit unions
  • Dealing with debt problems
  • The dangers of debt consolidation
  • Online resources and e-learning modules

You can also download our budget planner to record your income and regular expenditure items and come up with your own budget.